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My Cover Story on Huang Guangyu
With Aung San Suu Kyi
Interviewing the Sultan of Brunei
On assignment over Jakarta
Bloomberg Cover Story on Zhang Xin
Time Magazine Cover Story on Asia
Time Cover Story on Barrier Reef
President Aquino of the Philippines

During his career, William Mellor has received numerous awards for excellence in journalism, including a United Nations media citation and the Citibank Pan Asia Journalism Prize.  For the past ten years he has been one of the judges at the Society of Publishers in Asia annual awards. He divides his time between Sydney and Hong Kong.

About William

William Mellor is one of Asia Pacific’s most experienced and best-connected foreign correspondents. During 30 years as a writer and editor for New York-based Bloomberg News, Time Magazine and specialist Asia-focused publications, he has interviewed Presidents, Prime Ministers, hereditary rulers and many of the region's most powerful tycoons and CEOs. 

William's Career


William is presently an independent writer, consulting producer for a leading U.S. documentary film maker, media relations adviser and occasional TV commentator. In 2016, he was named Lead Judge for the State Street Institutional Press Awards Asia Pacific.


While working for Bloomberg between 2002 and 2015, William was posted to Hong Kong, Beijing and Sydney. From those bases, he traveled on reporting assignments to almost every country and region in Asia, from Tibet and Mongolia to the Indonesian spice island of Run, a now forgotten speck in the Banda Sea that was once considered such prime real estate that the Dutch were willing to surrender sovereignty over Manhattan Island to Britain to get their hands on it. 


William evaded Myanmar’s secret police to interview Aung San Suu Kyi shortly after she was released from detention but while still barred from speaking to the foreign media. He is also perhaps the only foreign journalist to have interviewed the media-shy and fabulously wealthy Sultan of Brunei. Invited to a banquet at the ruler’s 1,788-room palace, he dined on camel rendang and ostrich curry. 


In 1986, William was sent on his first Asia posting to Bangkok. A selection of his most colourful and in-depth articles covering topics ranging from business, finance and politics to murder, skullduggery and exotic travel are republished on this site.


William was a London-based correspondent for Australia’s Fairfax Media Group, traveling extensively in Europe and the Middle East.

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